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Poop Bag Holders - Colors

Poop Bag Holders - Colors

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No more holding poop bags!!!! This amazing little contraption will hold the poop so you don’t have to. Just pick up the poop, knot the bag and slide it on the cute bone shaped holder.

I have been using mine since January of 2021 and I love it!  For me having to hold the poop bag after I have picked up the poop is the worst part of being out with Bella.  So this was a walk time game changer for me! This also makes a GREAT GIFT for all your dog mom and dad friends.

It comes in a variety of beautiful colors including red, orange, pink, purple, blue, and many more! It comes with a carabiner so you can attach it to your leash handle, d ring on leash or your around the waist dog walking bag.

Choose color at check out.  These are made to order by me and may take a few extra days to make.


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