Gift Guide for Pup Parents

Gift Guide for Pup Parents

Dog accessories make the perfect gift for pup parents because they are personal and practical.  Whether it's for style, comfort, safety, or play, thoughtful dog accessories can bring joy to both the pup and its parent! If you ever need help shopping for yourself or a friend just let me know! 

Signature Handmade Dog Collars
All collars are handmade by me with fun eye catching designs, You aren't likely to run into another pup wearing the same collar since I make everything in small batches. In addition to being adorable they are also durable and made with high quality webbing and buckles. Shop collars here! 

Collar and Leash Sets
Bundle up style and functionality with matching collar and leash sets. These pair perfect with the plain harness of your choice. Shop leash and collar sets here!

Bandanas are perfect for pups that you don't know their size. I have tons of designs to choose from and most can be personalized with the dogs name. If you need help with sizing you can check out the sizing details here. Shop bandanas here!

Gourmet Dog Treats
Tantalize taste buds with gourmet dog treats. Organic, natural ingredients will have tails wagging in delight.  Right now I have 3 flavors to choose from classic pumpkin peanut butter, pumpkin spice and gingerbread!  These have all been a hit with even the pickiest eaters. Shop treats here!


Dapper Bow Ties
For the suave and sophisticated pooch, offer a range of dapper bow ties. Great for special occasions or just everyday flair.  Shop bow ties here!

Collar Flowers
Add a touch of elegance or fun with collar flowers. Perfect for the more delicate and feminine pups. Shop collar flowers here!

Poop Bag Holders
Make the less glamorous side of pet ownership stylish. These poop bag holders really make walking the dog luxurious because you don't have to hold the poop bag anymore. I have tons of colors to choose from! Shop poop bag holders here!

Poop Bag Dispensers
Take functionality to the next level with convenient and easy-to-use poop bag dispensers. Bonus points for designs that match your collars!  I have tons of adorable designs to choose from. Shop poop bag dispensers here!

Interactive Dog Toys
Keep the pups entertained with a variety of interactive toys. From squeaky toys to puzzle feeders, offer options that cater to different play styles.  I have cute squeaky toys in my shop you can find them here. I also have some slow feeders that are great for big dogs you can find them here. Check out my favorite finds on Amazon blog post here! (Amazon affiliate link)

Remember to make sure to order early for Paws-itively perfect delivery! To ensure your gifts arrive in time for the festivities, I recommend placing your orders as soon as possible. Especially during the holiday season, it's a busy time for you, me and for the post office, and I want to make sure every furry friend gets their special treat.

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