Favorite Amazon Finds for Dogs

Favorite Amazon Finds for Dogs

When it comes to pampering our pups, I always encourage to shop local small business but the truth is not all local pet shops have aveything we need for our dogs. Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or a new pup parent, this blog post will introduce you to some of my all-time favorite Amazon discoveries for dogs that are sure to bring joy and convenience to both you and your beloved four-legged companions. All of these are Amazon affiliate links. 



Nina Ottosson® Outward Hound® Dog Brick Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

This is one of my favorites and it's usually always around $10.00 or under! It has lots of hiding places and is easy to clean.

Frog Squeaky Puzzle Toy

This frog is so fun! My mom bought Bella one and she loves it! The snake has places to hide treats in it then you roll it up and let your dog go to town. Also makes a great tug toy.

The Hyper Pet IQ Treat Lick Mat

The are my favorite lick mats! Easy to clean, made in the USA and tons of fun for your dog.  I have a whole blog you can check out here that includes everything you need to know about lick mats and even a few easy recipes! 

Kong Wobbler

I have had this for years and years and Bella even at 15.5 years old still loves this.  I definitely think keeping her brain active has helped her as she ages. Easy to put kibble or tiny treats in then you pup gets to knock it around and get the kibble or small treats out.

West Paw Toppl

I love the Toppl for putting Bella's food in.  I like it better than trying to stuff a Kong. Not only is the toppl easier for her to eat it it from it is much easier to clean!  I also lobe that you can put a small and large together to make a treat dispenser. 

Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Treat Tumble Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy

Bella got this toy for her 16th birthday from our friend, Marsha, and Bella LOVES it! It is the perfect toy for a senior dog.  It's easy, but not too easy, for her to roll around and get the treats out.  I even brought it on vacation with us!   Bella has the small size and it's plenty big for her but it also comes inn a larger size if you have a giant dog. It's also under $10.00! 


Polka Dog Cod Fish Skins

Bella has always loved dried fish skins.  Other brands make these and they are much too thick sometimes and Bella almost choked on one because she couldn't take an appropriate sized bite.  After that I had to find something that was easier to eat and then I found Polka Dog!  These fish skins are light and crispy and I have never had a problem with them like I did with the other ones.  I will tell you they do stink so be prepared! I also like that they come in a  short size or long size.

Around the House

Sprinkle and Sweep

Sprinkle and sweep makes cleaning up after your pup so easy! For accidents on hard surfaces just cover the accident in the granules let it sit a second or two then use the sweeper to move the granules around and sweep the mess up!  This saves on paper towels and it smalls great!  They also have a spray that works great for accidents on the carpet. 



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