Ways to Save Money When You Have a Dog

Ways to Save Money When You Have a Dog

Having a pup is a rewarding experience, but it can also be expensive!! From food and grooming to veterinary care and toys, the costs can quickly add up. However, there are ways to save money without compromising the well-being of your precious pup!

Join rewards programs

See if your local pet store has a rewards program

Many small locally owned pet shops have great deals on food, next time you stop by make sure and ask what they are.  I shop at my local Centinela Feed store. They regularly have great sales and that is a good time to stock up on food.  They also have a buy X amount of bags/ boxes of food and get one free on many of their brands.  That can be a very significant savings depending on what brand you feed your dog.  I buy Honest Kitchen for Bella and it is buy 10 boxes get one free.  The box is about $100.00 so to get one free is amazing! If you don't close to a Centinela Feed you can also shop online and get great deals by being on their email list. 

Money Back Apps

Another place to save money is to use coupon apps like Ibotta.  I have used Ibotta for a few years and have gotten over $550.00 in cash back over the years.  And I am talking cash in my bank account! In the Ibotta app you can shop at places like Chewy and get cash back on every purchase. But you can use this for other stores like Target, Old Navy, most grocery stores, Home Depot, and MANY more! All you do is check for deals in the app and you can either shop through the app and get your money back that way or you submit a receipt and get the cash back in your account a few days. If you want to join Ibotta I have a code you can use that gives you $5.00 once you submit your first receipt and I get $5.00 too once you do! Just use code wngdaci when you sign up!


Coupons are a great way to save and many pet brands offer coupons when you sign up for their email list.  

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk has its advantages like saving money but make sure you are able to properly store the food in a time frame that your dog will eat it.  You don't want the food to sit around too long and go rancid because that is definitely not saving you money.

Shop Around

Another great way to save is to shop around.  Many times a year places like Chewy will have deals where you spend 100.00 and you get a 30.00 gift certificate towards your nest order. Plus if you check the ibota app for deals and buy through it that's even more money back.  

You can also do a google search for specific products and see who has the best prices.  I was looking for supplements the other day and saved 4.00 and got free shipping this way.  

Make a list

This one seems too easy right? like do I really need a list? But studies have shown if you make a list you are less likely to make impulse purchases.  Don't get me wrong those are fun too sometimes but I have found some times those impulse buys go a long time with out use or I wind up donating it.  I like to make lists in my phones note app as I am running low on stuff so then I do not forget about it.


Grooming can be expensive but it's necessary for so many dogs.  Some dogs require a  full grooming - including a bath, haircut and nail trim. While some just need routine nail trims and a hygiene trim or just a nail trim.

If your dog gets a full groom in-between grooming appointments be sure to keep up with brushing and keep your grooming appointments consistent.  Some times if the wait too long and hair gets matted it can be painful for the dog and they will have to get a shave down.  It can also take significantly longer with will cost you more money.  Most groomers will be happy to recommend the proper brushes as well as show you exactly how to brush it to help keep your dogs coat in maintenance mode in between grooming appointments.  

If your dog just needs a nail trim you may be able to do it yourself or find a local pet shop that has a nail trim afternoon.  These are usually very reasonably priced and a quick time frame because all they do is nail trims. You want to be regular with this too, if the nails get too long it is uncomfortable for your dog to walk and do daily activities and it may not be appropriate to do a nail trim only event since it will take longer.

If your dog needs a bath there are many self wash places that are pretty cheap and easy to do yourself.  The one I take Bella too provides everything I need like towels, shampoo, conditioner and a dryer. To me this is so worth it because I could wash her at home but the bathroom looks like a disaster when I am done, I have to wash a bunch of towels, and I have to hunch over in the tub to wash her.... No Thanks! To me it's worth the time and energy to spend the $20.00 to do it at the self wash. This may not save money but it saves time and sanity. 

Health is wealth 

Making sure your dog is eating good quality food, stays at a proper weight, gets proper grooming, and sees the vet regularly can help cut down on health related expenses. 

A lot of people say switch to a cheaper food, I do not agree with that.  I think food is one of the most important things we give our dogs so I would cut other corners.

Regular exercise and staying at a proper weight will also cut down on vet bills and has tons of health benefits.  

One way to stay on track with your dogs weight is to measure their food.  This not only contributes to their health but also makes their food last longer than if you just guessed when scooping their food.

Enrichment Swap

A really great way to save money on things like puzzles is to do a puzzle swap with your dog friends.  I originally saw this on Wear Wag Repeat, a great dog mom resource by my friend Tori.  I would only swap ones that were able to be washed and sanitized like plastic puzzles.  

Second Hand or Free Items

Looking on places like Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist can get you some great deals on dog things like crates, baby gates, strollers, clothing, etc. This is a great way to get all kinds of stuff. My niece, Ashley, is the queen of finding freebies and deals on sites like this. She recently found a practically brand new couch set for $100.00!  Just be sure to follow safety protocols when using sites like this. 

I hope you found this useful and found a new way to two to save money with your pup! If you have any amazing money saving hacks when it comes to your dog let me know about it in the comments, I would love to hear them! 

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I love this!! So many great ideas. I will definitely use these to save some money on our pup Sophie-Lynn. Thank you!

Ashley Anderson

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