Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner (and Pet) Will Love

Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner (and Pet) Will Love

If your house is like mine, spoiling Bella is a top priority especially now that she is 14. Plus Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate her birthday so I think of her as my year round valentine. Having a pet parent as your Valentine means there’s even more love to go around. And gift-giving is so much easier, too!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to spoil your partner (and pet!):

1) Dinner on a pet-friendly patio.  If your dog is line mine you could turn your romantic dinner-for-two into something extra special. Just search online for “pet-friendly near me” to find restaurants, breweries and wineries that will welcome both lovers and pets.


2) A Custom Bowl.  Ideally, a pet should have more than one water bowl and a multi-pet household definitely should have several. A unique pottery bowl adds beauty or whimsey to an extra corner in the house and encourages pets to drink up! Just make sure that the dish you select is food-safe. My friends over at The Ugly Mug, Aimee and Shell, make beautiful custom dog bowls. You can order one on their Facebook or Instagram


3) A Custom Sock Dog. This is the perfect gift for any pet lover. Stacey makes any pet you can think of in plush! Her attention to detail is amazing and I know who ever you buy one for will be thrilled to have such an amazing keepsake of their animal. I have one for all my dogs and love them all! Stacey also does illustrations, felted pups and more. Check out the website here


4) A weekend getaway. If your dog is like Bella they absolutely love going on a trip. Consider booking a weekend getaway, complete with a spa vacation for your critter. This can include coming along with you to hike the trails or, if your pet prefers, getting pampered at home with their favorite pet sitter. if you live in southern or northern California a great place to visit is the central coast! I have a blog with lots of pet friendly restaurants, things to do and places to stay here.


5) A beautiful collar and leash set from Bella B’s BARK-ery. I make a variety of adorable personalized bandanas, colorful collars, leashes, poop bag holders and more! Check out the website to see it all and if you have any questions feel free to email me, I can help you pick the perfect gift.


6) A session with an expert pet photographer. This is an amazing gift that lasts forever. What better way to cherish the day than to have a fun photo session together with the whole family – and keepsakes that last a lifetime? Don’t forget that pet photographers each have a unique style, so you can find one that has your same aesthetic to create something you’ll all love for years to come! If you live in the SoCal or central coast areas of California I highly recommend ME! I also do pet photography. Check out my website and book your session now.


7) Mini Pet Portrait. These mini pet portraits are so darling and any pet parent will love! There are so many designs to choose from. I chose the mermaid theme for Bella and I and it is too cute. Order yours here


Whatever your partner’s preferences, including your pet in the gift-giving can add to the memory – and the laughs – long-term. Of course, I’m always here to help as well!

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