Must Haves For Senior Dogs

Must Haves For Senior Dogs

Bella at the time of this blog post is 15 going on 16 in just a few weeks.  I thought this week I would share my favorite things that I think are really helping Bella and myself!

****This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links I may earn a small commission. I only share products I love and use myself!! It costs you nothing, but it makes a big difference to me and helps me keep the treats flowing for Bella

Gycoflex 3 Joint Supplement 

This supplement has helped Bella so much!  She was having a lot of weakness in legs recently and even trouble walking at times but this supplement has made such a huge difference in her activity level.  I would also start joint supplements much earlier with my next dog than I did with Bella.  This brand comes in different levels too so definitely check out all the options and talk to your vet to see what is right for your dog. 

A Harness With A Handle

Having a harness with a handle on it has made life so much easier for me when it comes to helping Bella.  This way I help her get in the car, get on the bed and even just grab her when she needs some re direction. 


I originally bought this for Bella a few years ago when she had just about stopped walking, the vet thought she did something to her back.  She used it a lot for the better part of a year and then didn't need it.  I brought it out of retirement this week so that she can walk more with me.  She walks a 1/2 of a mile 2x a day still but this way she can still do her walk and then ride and be out longer with me.  Bella's also not a fan of being enclosed so we walk with it open, click on stroller link to see what I mean, but I am happy to have the feature of it being closed like the picture if I need it!

Raised Food and Water Bowls

I got this for Bella a few years ago and I think it's definitely a great thing to have so she doesn't strain her neck.  Honestly I will probably have all my future dogs use raised bowls 

Baby Gate

I don't know about your senior dog but Bella's definitely gotten naughty in her old age and has been getting into stuff. Having this helps keep her contained when I need to clean something and don't want her helping me, if I have a repair person over I always use this to make sure she stays where she is supposed to while they are here, and it's good to have just incase I need to leave her in a space that she won't get into trouble. Baby gates are so handy to have when you have dogs of any age and especially multiple dogs.  I like this one because it's sturdy and fits in may size doors. 


One of the things I wish I had done with Bella when she was a baby was teach her to use the stairs and make it a habit early because teaching her when she was already a senior was not fun.  These are the ones I have for her, they are nice and sturdy but also light and portable.  I have them in my bedroom for the bed but you could easily take them out to the car like the photo shows. 

Brain Supplements 


For years I had no idea that there was potential help available for cognitive problems dogs have as they age.   My last adopted senior dog, Dorothy, had dementia and her vet suggested a supplement that would help, and it did.  When I started seeing Bella possibly going down the same road I was devastated. There are many options now to help with dogs experiencing cognitive problems so talk to your veterinarian and see what’s right for your dog. Senilife has really helped Bella mentally over the last few months.  She was really seeming spacey and not like herself, if you've ever had a dog with doggie dementia you know what I am talking about, this has made a HUGE difference. Since I started her on this she's been much less spacey and able to be more of her bossy self which I LOVE!  If you think your dog has cognitive issues talk to their vet and see if this is right for them.  I’m not a veterinarian but I did want to share what’s working for Bella because I find so many people don’t realize dogs can get dementia or things like it and that there are options that can possibly help. 


 I will be adding to this list as I find things that make life easier for Bella and I. Do you think there is something I should try that is fantastic for old dogs? Let me know in the comments.


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