Dog Friendly San Fernando Valley

Dog Friendly San Fernando Valley

My favorite thing in life is having fun with my pup, Bella!

Life in the San Fernando Valley is awesome because we have a wide variety of restaurants, places to hike and places to shop away from the hustle and bustle of downtown LA, the westside, Hollywood etc. This also makes it easier to do more with our dogs since it’s not just us humans who can have adventures around town right?.

There’s tons to do together around here, so I’ve put together a quick list of my absolute favorite dog-friendly places around the San Fernando Valley so you two can adventure out together!

1. Hand-Brewed Beer, Canoga Park

This place is so fun especially if you love beer, but you don’t have to love beer to have fun here!  They have a great selection of all kinds of beers, obviously its a brewery! But I think they serve wine too.  While you are there you can order delicious pizza but my favorite is the pretzel! I love pretzels and this one does not disappoint! The real fun happens at all the fun events they host like trivia nights, paint your dog parties, movie nights and so much more!  Follow them on instagram @handbrewedbeer to see all the offerings.

2. Franklin Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains

It’s always nice to change up your scenery from time to time. A local gem for us is Franklin Canyon. I love this location for dogs of any age. It has lot’s of variety in hiking trails, plus it has a paved walking area, and if you and your pup are just into sitting and people watching there are plenty of benches to sit over looking the lake and turtle pond. Don’t forget to bring water and maybe some bug spray depending on the time of year.  I would also definitely bring a camera with you because there are so many picturesque places to take some instagram worthy photos.

3. J9’s K9’s Dog Training

Trying to teach an old dog new tricks? Or do you have a new pup in the house you need to train? I have the the trainers for you! Janine and all the trainers at J9’s K9’s are amazing.  Janine’s motto is learn while you play and she’s not kidding.  I started classes when Bella was 2 and we took classes for at least 10 years because the classes are so fun.  I know what you are thinking you shouldn’t have to take classes for years but after the obedience classes theres tons of classes to take like tricks, agility, canine good citizen prep, therapy dog prep, and even classes where you practice having fun with your dog while taking them hiking, shopping and to pet friendly patios for dinner. Even if you don’t need a trainer right now, keep J9’s K9’s in mind because you never know when you might need the savvy guidance of an experienced dog trainer.

4. Anja Lou Photography

Who doesn’t want beautiful photos of their pup all over the house? In addition to Bella B’s BARK-ery I also do dog photography at Anja Lou Photography.  Photographs are something people tend to think there’s always more time for and the truth is that’s not always the case. Photographs of our beloved pets will be all we have of them someday. So might as well make the appointment now and have a really great time having photos taken and capture some precious memories for later.

5. Three Dog Bakery, Encino 

Spoiling our pups with treats is fun especially when they are cute!  The Three Dog Bakery in Encino is great because they sell the best treats for dogs. They often have special designs for different seasons and specials for the holidays.  Bella’s favorites are the pup cakes!

Know of an awesome dog-loving spots I missed? Send me a quick message and let me know! I’m always looking for new places to check out.

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