Cool Tips for Hot Days: Dog Safety in Summer Cars

Cool Tips for Hot Days: Dog Safety in Summer Cars

As temperatures continue to rise, it’s crucial to remember that our precious pups can quickly overheat in hot cars. Did you know that on a 75°F (24°C) day, the temperature inside a car can soar to 104°F (40°C) in just 10 minutes? On a 90°F (32°C) day, it can reach 119°F (48°C) in just a few minutes!

1 - Never Leave Your Dog Alone in the Car!  Even a few minutes can be dangerous or even fatal for your dog.  This is also the case if you are parked in the shade and the windows are down, it can still get very hot very fast. A good rule is if you are going to a place that doesn’t allow dogs you need to leave them at home because the car is not safe.  

2 - Stay Hydrated 💧  Always bring plenty of water for your dog when you go on outings in the car.  I have a travel bowl I leave in the back seat door well so all I have to bring is cool water. It’s nice to have one less thing to remember to bring.

3 - Use Sunshades ☀️ Shades can help, but they’re not a substitute for safety.  Sitting in the direct sun can potentially over heat them even if the A/C is on.

4 - Keep the A/C on high at all times in your car. 🥶  This helps the car stay cool and keeps the air moving.  Especially if you only have vents in the front of the car.   You can also add a small portable fan that can attach to your headrest that will help circulate the air.  If you easily get cold you can pack a sweater to wear (I’m looking at you mom! 😉).  

5 -  Get your dog a cooling mat 🧊 This can help keep them cooler if they are in the back seat. Like I mentioned earlier the back seat and hatch back area can get hot if there are no A/C vents so this would be another layer of cooling for your dog. These also work at home when it’s hot too.

If you are planning a longer trip in the car try drive in the early morning or in the evening when it’s cooler.   I would also plan out some places to stop and take a break.  This way you can check out the rest stops and check the temperatures beforehand so you can see what your pup may require, like shoes if it’s really hot out and there is only concrete to walk on.

Make sure to always monitor your dogs behavior and look for signs of overheating, like excessive panting or drooling and get your pup to a vet if needed.

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Stay safe and cool this summer friends 💜  

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